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How EUVEPRO works:

  • EUVEPRO representatives maintain close links with European and international institutions, food industry associations and consumer organisations.
  • EUVEPRO is an official observer at the Codex Alimentarius Committee on Vegetable Proteins.
  • EUVEPRO is an observer at the RTRS (Round Table on Responsible Soy).
  • EUVEPRO is member of FFC, the Food and Feed Chain Coalition.
  • EUVEPRO cooperates with the International Standards Organisation on methods of analysis.
  • EUVEPRO is a founder member of PFP Primary Food Processors ( and regularly collaborates with ENSA (the European natural soy association and plant based manufacturers organisation), FEDIOL (the EU vegetable oil and protein meal association), FoodDrinkEurope (the food industry’s umbrella organisation within the EU) and other platforms to exchange, network and coordinate our activities when harmonised responses to emerging issues are appropriate.
  • EUVEPRO disseminates targeted information about vegetable protein products.
  • EUVEPRO Summary of Ghent market survey study. To see the Summary please click here