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EUVEPRO's Mission:

  • To provide a common base to represent the interests of its members towards both the institutions of the European Union and national authorities.
  • To establish and maintain necessary liaisons with national and international organisations whose activities may directly or indirectly impact upon the lawful trading of the industry’s products.
  • To monitor EU legislative issues of relevance to its members, identify potential conflicts and deliver positions to decision makers at European parliament, Commission and Council levels.
  • To examine existing and proposed legislation and regulations of countries outside the EU which may impact upon the interests of its members.
  • To ensure a free flow of information between its members on developments related to the regulatory status for our industry and our products in Europe.
  • To originate new proposals affecting or concerning the manufacture, use, importation, sale or distribution of the industry’s products in Europe as a whole, in order to ensure industry interests are adequately protected.
  • To supply information concerning the industry’s product interests with respect to European and other international organisations.
  • To represent the industry when addressing issues of a scientific, technical or institutional nature.
  • To increase recognition in European, national and international legislation, of vegetable protein products as foodstuffs and ingredients in their own right forming part of the normal diet of EU consumers.
  • To represent the interests of the vegetable protein sector in PFP and disseminating the needs of the sector as part of the wider group.
  • To represent the interests of its members in international organisations (CODEX).
  • To provide information on the health and safety aspects of its products.
  • To conduct targeted market research on the use of vegetable proteins in consumer goods, providing statistical analysis and comments upon the data collected.
  • To allow the lawful exchange of information between members.